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Re: Дистрибутивы Comodo
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Дистрибутивы Comodo

Comodo Internet Security


New file group "File Archivers"
Accessible in ASE -> File Rating -> File Group

Updated Auto-Sandbox rule to sandbox
"Run Virtual" files extracted from archives downloaded from Internet

Several critical bugs fixes. Here are a selected few
New Dragon crashes if CIS installed
Accidental crash of cmdAgent service
Trusted executable file can be replaced with Unknown executable file
VT_ROOT is not deleted during Sandbox Reset after launch some malware

Download Location

Comodo Internet Security

Size: 216M ( 226075384 )
MD5: 9bb42331a34825bcd9a15f853f91204b
SHA1: b857464c1616ce4c3482d55e7427aa453e9dfd50

Comodo Antivirus

Size: 216M ( 226075376 )
MD5: d7f6f1a17283c8b5bd0d9870d7a85a70
SHA1: 5e1ec2d3864e246f6db174eb4945f5c6b56a28da

Comodo Firewall

Size: 216M ( 226075376 )
MD5: 6a1054c2f7b89fa2af4aa4f8f337b32c
SHA1: 43fd72f87a1cbdd3ace89918772e8d8d702f1239

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