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Re: Обсуждения продуктов Касперского
Старый 27.04.2016, 20:32   #399
"It is not over yet..."
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Обсуждения продуктов Касперского

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• Bug 1620997:Support: Error opening some pages via http
• Bug 1366138:KFA. Disabled secure settings are not shown
• Bug 1596084:Protection is disabled after moving system date to license expiration date.
• Bug 1647895:[DNT] DNT plugin doesn't show number of detected trackers on some web pages in FF 45
• Bug 1648883:certificate cant be checked due to “no KSN response”
• Bug 1655068:[Backup] Backup task hangs on 95% if source files were deleted
• Bug 1629427:Reboot request is shown after each update
• Bug 1583417: product does not change configuration file for upgrade.exe on Windows lower than windows 10
• Bug 1368562:BSOD when SafeBrowser opened and idle (AMD)
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